Recent praise made by the Head of Agency and Vice President of the Department of Administration and Finance, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), Cynthia Huger to President Bio’s administration has been considered by most Sierra Leoneans as a lip service.

She (Huger) praised the Bio administration to have improved on the electricity, water supply facility and the fight on corruption.

Such a praise coming from the MCC amidst the crunching suffering that Sierra Leoneans are going through have been viewed by the people as a slap in the face.

The stiff and hardness of things in the country is a truth which most Sierra Leoneans narrate day in day out.

Electricity which she (Huger) praised the Bio administration to have improved on is believed by many people to be the same as was left by the previous administration.

Water supply which is among the parameters used by Cynthia Huger to hail President Bio as doing well is one of the worst facilities the people have complained of finding very difficult to get.

Getting a daily bread is a challenge which most people have to contend with in order to make out a living.

This is enough to point out that the bread and butter issue which was oneof the campaign messages that was paraded by the current Minister of Finance, Jacob JusuSaffais yet to be felt by Sierra Leoneans.

A major concern by the people is the rate at which the US Dollar keeps increasing which is greatly impacting on the prices of commodities.

This continues to add on the suffering of the average Sierra Leonean instead of reducing it as was promised by this administration by way of addressing the bread and butter issue.



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