Director of Crimes at the Sierra Leone Police

The Director of Crime Services at the Sierra Leone Police, AIG Briama Jah and other police officers are now at the Independent Police Complaints Board (IPCB) on concerns of the missing of the tune of $40,000 which was taken to the Police Headquarters as evidence from some Indians.

Investigation embarked on by the New Age at the IPCB revealed that a case of the above is currently at the IPCB desk of which investigation into the issue is ongoing.

A senior investigator at the IPCB stated that statement has been obtained from AIG Briama Jah as well as the police officer, who is the complainant in the issue.

He further maintained that they are still looking into the issue and are waiting on the complainant for more information and for statement to be obtained from his witness or witnesses.

Allegations are that police officers in a parallel CID unit believed to have been created by Briama Jah defrauded some Indians the sum of $40,000 and handed it over to Briama Jah who passed it on to a police constable for safe keeping.

That the money should have been given to the exhibit clerk for proper exhibit recording instead of giving it to a constable who is now believed to be on the run with the money.

Prior to the first publication by New Age on the issue, efforts made to reach Briama Jah proved fruitless as he did not respond.

Instead of responding to the issue, AIG Jah asked his lawyers to write the New Age of which the letter maintained that AIG Jah was not reached for his sides on the issue. New Age stands by it that efforts were made to reach AIG Briama Jah on the issue.