Despite a leaked indictment of the former Commissioner of Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Ady Macauley did not include the former Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources, Minkailu Mansaray, report reaching New Age revealed that the commission has roped in Mansaray.

That Mansaray, who was also co-chair of the Hajj Committee, has been invited for questioning and may be charged today July.

That the erstwhile Vice President under the APC government, Victor B. Foh, Alhaji Shekito, an adviser to the former President Koroma and the former permanent secretary of the Ministry of Social Welfare will also be indicted today.

Although the ACC has reportedly prepared to charge the former Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources who is also the Vice Chairman of the APC, for abuse of office, facts are that Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray has even been vindicated by witnesses of the APC

Facts are that the former VP, Victor Foh and others have been investigated by the ACC for the alleged mishandling of funds meant for pilgrims to perform the Hajj to wit the former VP and  Shekito are reportedly being charged for misappropriation of fund while the former permanent secretary in the ministry of social welfare is believed to have been charged for breaching procurement rules.

It could be recalled that when the scandal emerged, former President Koroma sacked the then Minister of State in the  Office of the Vice President and 2 other State House officials.

He ordered for the setting up of a committee to investigate the issue, while the ACC also jumped into action and immediately recalled all accused officials among the delegation from Saudi Arabia.

The marathon process involved in the hajj-gate scandal investigations by the ACC raised concerns in many quarters including from Islamic scholars who urged the Commission to expedite the process.

As pressure mounted on the ACC over the issue, recently it announced the filing of seal indictments at the High Court, which also raised many eye brows over the manner in which the indictments were filed.

The aforementioned led to a leaked report revealing those who have been indicted which include, the former Vice President, Victor Foh, an Adviser to former president Koroma, Alhaji Shekito and the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Social Welfare.

Among other things, they have been accused of conspiring to defraud the state and pilgrims of hajj funds provided by the government and other Islamic organizations.

Sources very close to the ACC and court say they are due to make their first appearance in court on 30th July this year for the commencement of the alleged corruption case.

People have also expressed shock over the fact that the new commissioner wants to rope in the former Minister of Mines, Minkailu Mansaray whom witnesses have vindicated.


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