The Sierra Leone Ambassador to Kuwait, Her Excellency Haja Isata Thomas has called on Sierra Leoneans and other Africans residing in Kuwait to adhere to the Corona preventive measures that has been instituted by the government of Kuwait.

Speaking to the people through Cartel Airwaves in Kuwait, Her Excellency Haja Thomas explained that the Covid-19 pandemic is also similar to the Ebola Virus disease which struck Sierra Leone in 2014.

She noted that the only difference between Covid-19 and that of the Ebola pandemic is that it started in developed countries with very advanced medical facilities, who are yet struggling in containing the virus.

She stated that during the Ebola pandemic in Sierra Leone, there were preventive measures which the people were advised to up keep among which was handwashing until the disease was contained, noting regular washing of hands is also one preventive measures of avoiding the Corona Virus.

Speaking on the other preventive measures such as avoiding contact and crowded places, handshaking among others, she encouraged everyone to abide by the regulations that have been put in place by the Kuwait government in order to contain the virus.

She maintained that a period of Two (2) weeks lockdown has been effected by the government of Kuwait and whatsoever might be the outcome after the two weeks should not make the people become impatient should there be further measures.

She stressed that all measures that are being taken is for the general good of the people by way of ensuring that people’s lives are protected.

She advised that they should stop the spreading of rumors which they could not confirm to be true, adding that baseless rumors can cause fear and panic within society which she stated could be dangerous more than the disease.

She called on them to listen to the authorities for factual information and added that the Sierra Leone Embassy is working closely with the government of Kuwait to ensure the security and protection its citizens in Kuwait.


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