The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has confirmed the arrest of 71 people at Aberdeen village for alleged examination cheating on Tuesday.

According to the ACC, they conducted a string operation after getting a tip-off that there is a particular house in that area where examination cheating is taking place.

The Commission said as a result of the tip-off, they raided the house in question and in the process arrested 71 people caught writing answers of questions on the ongoing Private WASSCE on fresh question papers for replacement with the original ones they sat with.

Among those arrested includes teachers, students, lecturers and others for aiding and abetting and are presently detained at the CID helping police with their investigations.

It could be recalled that this is not the first time; the ACC has conducted such raids as sometimes ago in east end of town; a group of teachers marking WASSCE scripts sat to in Kenema were also arrested for similar examination malpractices and cheating.

At the time; also arrested were some pupils who had travelled all the way from Kenema to follow their examination answers papers with the hope of rewriting the exams with the help and support of the said teachers upon the payment of Le 500,000 per subject.



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