Francis Ben Kaifala, Anti Corruption Czar

As the Kenyan National, Sheik Mohamed Mamoud has been duped in a $ 61,000 Gold Deal by the Chief Executive Officer of the K and K enterprise, Ibrahim Alie Kabbah, a top official of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has been named to have been involved in the transaction in question.

According to the investigation conducted by the New Age Newspaper sometimes last year Kabbah called and asked his lawyer who is an official attached to the ACC to go to police station as he (Kabbah) was having a case to answer at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), in relation to the Gold Deal between him (Kabbah) and Mamoud.

The New Age investigation unearthed that Kabbah’s lawyer upon noticing that Mamoud was stranding at the hotel where he lodged when he arrived in Freetown in the name of going into a partnership to do business with Kabbah which did not go well, made a payment agreement to see that his client, Kabbah paid back money taken from Mamoud.

Kabbah’s lawyer confirmed that his client (Kabbah) failed to honor the payment agreement as he only paid $30,000 to Mamoud which was paid in two installments of $20,000 and $10,000 respectively.

In the midst of all this, fingers have also pointed at officials of the Immigration Department, Office of the First Lady and State House to have been involved in the deal in question.

Details of this in our next edition and names of people involved will be published.


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