Sports Minister Ibrahim Nyelenkeh may be the first causality of President Bio after he gave clearance to a 42 man delegation amidst what the president has described as “a broken economy.”

Despite the so called broken economy, Nyelenkeh decided to travel with 42 man delegation in which there are 22 players and 20 officials including a relative of the President, Charles Bio, commonly called Junior Bio.

Although the Minister failed to explain the amount of money that will be used for the trip before they left, it is believed that the players will be having 1,500 United States Dollars each as appearance fees while the 20 officials including the President relative will be receive 1,000 United States Dollars for five days.

Sierra Leone national team Leone Stars will play their Ethiopian counterparts this Sunday 9 September.

Ibrahim Nyelenkeh, sports minister has said that he will justify the number of people in his delegation when he returns after the match.

Most people will be surprised if President Bio does not sack Nylenkeh based on his government rhetoric of prudent spending by the time they come back to Freetown.


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