By Amadu Kargbo

Fuad Kamara, a Sierra Leonean who was residing at Newton in the Western Rural District, and his friend, one Patrick, were declared wanted by community people Monday 23rd September 2019 after allegedly been caught red-handed in a gay sexual act20th September 2019.

Reports reaching this medium state that the uncle of Fuad caught his nephew red-handed in a sexual act with another man, Patrick.

Sources say Fuad’s uncle, upon seeing his nephew having sex with another man, shouted for those around to come and see the disgraceful and shameful act; and that the angry crowd that gathered rushed at the two friends who managed to jump through a window and ran away.

Information gathered at the scene revealed that Patrick is a foreign national who is in the country on a Catholic mission.

It could be recalled that Sierra Leone is one of the countries that have protested against LGBT practices; and some religious people have processed in the capital city of Freetown displaying placards condemning LGBT-related issues.

It is no secret that the vast majority of people in Sierra Leone are against LGBT practices or rights. 

Since Fuad and his friend disappeared, they have not been seen.