A leaked video going viral on social media has seen the Chief Minister in the government of President Bio who before now is believed to be a Peace and Conflict Lecturer in the University of Braford engaging in a nepotistic conversation at a SLPP office in the provinces.

In the video, the former UK Academic, David Francis was assuring SLPP supporters that the government will be coming up with an afforestation project which they will use to plant trees across the country.

He continued in the video that the jobs that will be provided by this afforestation process is for their party members as it will be well coordinated through the district chairmen to find party women to do the jobs.

“I will give President on Monday to approve and once he does that, they will have to contact you through the district,” the Chief Minister maintained.

Added that: “what we want to do is to use the party, this is party time now, we are talking about the party.”

Francis said that it is not money that they met rather it is money that they raised for the project, noting that the women have to organized themselves

He stated that they will contact the party district chairmen for the list of women that are into farming in the districts so that the women will have something in their hands.

When the Strategic Communication Adviser to the President, Patrick K Muana was contacted, he said he is not aware of the video but gave a background of the reforestation project.


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