The trip that was made to Dubai by President Bio has been dubbed as one which is empty-handed by most like minded Sierra Leoneans.

Unlike other trips that were made by President Bio, the Dubai trip is one which no update is yet to be made by the president as to the goodies that Sierra Leone stands to benefit out of that trip (the Dubai Trip).

People are not left with the belief that most of the trips by the president are ones which they (Sierra Leoneans) are yet to realize any benefit from.

One of such trips was his (President Bio’s) visit to the United States of America during the United Nations General Assembly where he (President Bio) met with popular R&B African-American Singer, songwriter, businessman, record-producer, actor and philanthropist, AliaumeDamalaBadara Akon Thiam, who made a promise of 5,000 Solar Street Lights and 2,500 Traffic Lights in order to support President Bio’s New Direction Agenda.

Since that promise was made by Akon, Sierra Leoneans are yet to see the solar and traffic lights which beg the question as to what is responsible for the hold up.

Questions running through the minds of likeminded Sierra Leoneans are: Is it that little or no gain was made out of the Dubai trip? Or is it that what was made is something the people will not fall for? Or could it be the normal tendencies of politicians of not wanting to share gains made with the aim of benefiting themselves?

It should also be noted that President Bio is the first president in the history of this country to have made the most travelling trips in just one year in office.

Going on such trips is good if the people of Sierra Leone are assured of reaping benefit out of those trips not forgetting the fact that it is the people’s money that is used to facilitate such travelling.

Efforts made by New Age Newspaper to reach the State House Communication Unit prove fruitless as the Press Secretary, Keketoma Sandi and the Strategic Communication Adviser, PK Muana were called and texted without any reply.


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