Tomorrow, Thursday April 4 will make President Bio and his “Paopa’’ SLPP government one year in office with little or nothing to report to the people of the country.

It is believed that power has made some of the SLPP Ministers arrogance and that because they came to power with vendetta they have not been able to deliver what they promised the people of this country.

Apart from the Free Quality Education and the fight against corruption, the economy has been deteriorating since April 4.

According to Sierra Leoneans , SALONE TIMES interviewed the cost of basic commodities have been skyrocketing beyond their imagination.

Fatu Lamin said that although the government has introduced the free quality education which in her words is good, the economic situation in the country is worrying and that if it is not tackle fast, there will be serious problem for the masses.

Foday Brima said that the cost of palm oil per bottle has risen from Le2, 000 to Le3, 000 while the cost of rice per cup has also risen from Le,1,000 to Le 1,500.

It is believed that the launch of a special technical audit report on Tuesday 2 April by the Minister of Finance is a diversionary tactics to remove the minds of people from the real issue of hardship.


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