First Lady of Sierra Leone, Fatima Jabbie Bio

As a way of doing away with the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), human right organizations and other well-meaning organizations have been campaigning to see that this practice (FGM) is banned.

Given that Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is considered as a practice which is deep rooted in Africa, First Ladies in Africa have been giving their unreserved support to see that FGM is banned.

In the midst of this support that is being given by these First Ladies, First Lady of Sierra Leone, Fatima Bio has moved from the path of supporting this ban.

Just recently, she mentioned that she is a circumcised woman and that her siblings are all circumcised.

“I have given birth to three (3) lovely kids successfully; I refuse to speak against FGM because I believe there are more important issues like rape,” Fatima explained.

A statement of this nature coming from the First Lady (Fatima Bio) has raised eyebrows as this have been considered by campaigners against Female Genital Mutilation as an endorsement of the practice by her (Fatima) which frustrates their (campaigners) efforts.

One of the campaigners of FGM in Sierra Leone, AlimatuDemonekene who has suffered from the practice herself said that she was shocked to hear such a statement coming from her (Fatima Bio).

“I support the work she is currently doing in making sure that rape and sexual violence against women and girls is stopped with the hope that she (Fatima) will pay keen interest on FGM,” she explained.

She (Demonekene) noted that she (Fatima Bio) has succeeded in throwing herself into the arena of public ridicule and scrutiny for making such a statement.

“She has no idea of the magnitude of the damage she has spewed on herself and her office,” Demonekene pointed out.


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