Obundor, how are you doing? What is happening over there? Obundor said that he is fed up with the pressure from both Alusine and Alhassan political parties in the country.

People are expecting that their representatives are representing their interest but that is not the case as most times they represent the interest of their political parties.

Obundor was so pissed off that the two main political parties are always fighting over nothing which is most often than not caused by the inability of the government side failing to respect due processes in parliament.

Even the coming of OBUNDOR as speaker was shrouded in controversy and as such OBUNDOR should have envisaged that his reign as speaker of Parliament will be marked by controversy just like his election.

Wait O! For sae Speaker dae under pressure for do di wrong tin? So it seems that our SPEAKER is under pressure from the PAOPA to do the wrong thing.

OBUNDOR confessed that indeed he had made the Assembly a laughing stock in the world by determining a 2/3 majority by voice collection.

Without prejudice it is practically impossible to determine 2/3 majority by voice collection but by casting of ballots, says OBUNDOR sheepishly.

The statement of OBUNDOR aggravated RUDE BOY ROGIE who told OBUNDOR that what he is doing has never happened before in the assembly and if that is the case they on RULING SIDE will not accept it.

But a certificate of the state of emergency has been rashly presented to BEYO. Now that it has been identified as a flawed process; will it be revoked as OBUNDOR intimated the other day?

Is it possible that LGB in Parliament, SID has misled BEYO into believing that the process in parliament was concluded when in fact it has now been made known to the BREGADIER that the process is inconclusive?

If that is the case, I expect BREGADIER BEYO to act tough by sending LGB, SID to go to the back yard and appoint more sober-minded LGB or else there will be no peace in the Assembly.


Hmmmm! Ay Fatim! Di Pa imbiznessnaim u pullna do so for watin?

Mother of the nation is fast becoming GRACE MUGABE by saying anything that comes to her mind and later try to do damage control.

Fatim said she does not have it and that all her siblings don’t have it, but that she has been doing fine.

She said that she is in support of the practice as it is part of her culture.

FATIM thinks running a government is like acting a movie. She doesn’t know that any comment from someone like her who is very close to the BREGADIER raises eyebrows.

She should know when, where and how to talk or else she will continue to embarrass BREGADIER.

BREGADIER imbizness nor for cam na do at all but o yah wae u get bokutokwef!


Nothing in Sierra Leone will shock Sonkoh-Sonkohas dishonesty people keep moving with the wind of power.

Bento has suddenly gone to the People Party because of the vanities of life.

BENTO used to be SLPP and was very much behind EKUMA but no sooner after the 2007 election than he switched to the APC and was awarded with some rogue contracts to construct roads even though he has no knowledge in construction.

The same BENTO who in MARCH last year was seen campaigning for the APC is the same BENTO that is seen campaigning against the APC and now for the SLPP in his home town of TONKOH just because he doesn’t want to be held accountable for his deeds.

Should People Party trust an OJUKOKORO and ever swinging BENTO? Food for thought!


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