Notorious evil-harbinger, Sylvia Olayinka Blyden was seen parading evil against the majority leader of Parlaiment, Hon Chernoh Ramadan Maju Bah.

In her usual trade of picking fight with Sierra Leoneans that are excelling, former Minister of Social and opposition party element, Sylvia Blyden was seen lampooning the majority leader of her own party on her facebook page.

Sylvia Blyden posted on her facebook page that Chericoco should go to the back seat in parliament because Chericoco and the current APC leadership in Parliament is doing much.

She accused Chericoco of being over ambitious and wanting to become Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament.

Sylvia Blyden came under serious bashing from the APC Kingdom and even some people who were considered very close to her described her ranting on social media as bad heart and a show of her usual blackmail.

Speaking on the issue to New Age, the majority leader said that he has never told anyone that he is vying for the speakership of ECOWAS Parliament.

“That is a figment of anyone’s imagination but I have not told anyone that I am going for the speakership of ECOWAS Parliament,” he said.

Hon Chernoh Maju Bah is just from Nigeria where he is among the ECOWAS observer in the just concluded Presidential elections of Nigeria.


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