In their (Mighty Blackpool) opening match against archrivals (East End Lions) which was the first match of the Sierra Leone Premier League, fans of Blackpool did appreciate the performance of their team even though they lost the match by a goal to nil to E.E Lions.

Given the outstanding performance of Mighty Blackpool in their first match, fans were anticipating to see how their second match against Central Parade will unfold with the hope of making up for their lost match against E. Lions.

But their hopes were dashed as the performance of the team against Central Paradae was not as good as that of their first match.

This left Blackpool fans bitter and disappointed with Coach Abu Sankoh after they were held to a goal less draw by host Central Parade at their (Central Parade) playing field, at Parade Ground.

Blackpool fans are now asking that Coach Abu Sankoh be changed as they see him as being responsible for the current situation of the team’s performance.

Having played two matches, Mighty Blackpool have only managed to secure a point as a result of their draw to Central Parade.

According to coach Abu, a coach must always be prepared to accept the outcome of a match, noting  that when the team wins, the coach gets the praise and when they (the team) lose, he (the coach) gets the blame.

He said that he is ready and willing to accept whatever decision that will be taken by the management of the Mighty Blackpool Team, even if it means firing him.

He however, expressed confidence that his job at Mighty Blackpool is safe.

The Tis Tas Boys as they (Blackpool) are commonly called will play host to FC kallon in their next encounter, which has been described as west end derby.

The Cavalians (FC Kallon) won their first match in Bo but their second match ended in a frustrating goalless draw, leaving them with four points.

Coach Abu is optimistic that his side will come strong.

“They are going to prepare themselves and they will come strong against Kallon Fc,” he stated.


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