In order to restore the confidence of Sierra Leoneans that their monies are safe with the National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT),  Director General (DG) of the Trust informed members of the press on the useful moves that have been taken by the institution in ensuring that the people benefit.

According to the Director General of NASSIT, Fuaad Dabo, they put operations and benefits payment at the centre of their business as the two (operations and benefits payment) are the reasons for the establishment of the scheme.

He explained that they have increased the number of Inspectors and provided them the necessary toolkits to carry out their work effectively.

The Inspectors are at the heart of the operations of NASSIT as they are the people who interface with the public regarding the registration of employers and employees, the inspection of employment and financial records of employing institutions, he said.

“It is therefore, only proper that these people are equipped with the requisite instruments and skills that would empower them to go to any institution and inspect their books and ascertain compliance with the NASSIT Act,’’ Dabo added.

The Director General acknowledged that customers are the reason for the existence of NASSIT; as such it beholds them as an institution to always offer them (customers) quality service.

He continued that there are hotlines created by NASSIT for the public to call and express their concerns as and when they (the public) wished to do so.

The hotlines are: 811, 812, 813, 814, 815, 816 and 817 which could be accessed on both Africell and Orange Networks in the country, he reiterated.

He added that as a customer-focused institution, NASSIT has introduced the pigeon-hole system in order to effectively monitor benefit claims processing.

“In the area of benefits payments as at December 2018, they have 25, 175 pensioners (Retirement, Invalidity and Survivors) on their payroll and such paid the sum of Le 148.5 billion as pensions between January to December 2018,” he maintained.

To ascertain the number of retirement pensioners of the trust, last year, they embarked on their (NASSIT) normal nationwide verification, they realized their pension payroll has increased and now have over 17, 000 Retirement Pensioners whom they pay through the banks, he disclosed.


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