Sierra Leone politics has been the politics of revenge and retaliation which has incidentally made practicing politics in this part of the world a do or die affair and a very sinister one.

When President Bio came to power in April 4 2018, he promised to unite the country but that is yet to be desired as people are been relived from their offices because of their political attachments and other regional sentiments.

In that light, one of the anointed men of God in this time, His Eminent Archbishop Nicolas Duncan Williams has advised Sierra Leonean politicians about the need for reconciliatory politics.

He made this statement at a well-attended breakfast meeting with church leaders, business leaders and politicians last Saturday 26 January at Radisson Blu in Freetown.

“Power is not given to settle scores. Power is not giving to revenge,” His Eminent advised the politicians of Sierra Leone.

He explained that party politics not only in Sierra Leone but if Africa as a whole is hurting the people and not helping them because people hide behind politics to destroy themselves.

He revealed that there is an undercurrent in the spiritual world against Sierra Leone and that the nation needs a national day of repentance and divine pardon for all the innocent blood that were shed in the past rebel war.

He however prayed for affliction not to come for the second time in the land of Sierra Leone.

He revealed that there is an eminent crisis for the continent of Africa if it is not tackle in the next 5-10yrs because of the massive youth unemployment.

He maintained if the massive youth unemployment is not tackle in Africa there will be a massive uprising like the Arab Spring in almost every other nation in Africa.


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