Staff of National Telecommunication Commission (NATCOM) will go into the holidays crying that they have been unlawfully sacked just because the SLPP government of President Bio wants to dominate the commission with political lackeys.

This was revealed by a leaked internal memo sent to all 91 staff of the commission on Tuesday 18 December for the termination of employment contracts and vacancies at NATCOM.

“With reference to the staff meeting held with the board of commissioners on the 10 of December 2018 at the Commission’s head office which was followed by individual departmental status report received on 13 December 2018 and in line with the modernization programme, the National Telecommunication Commission is currently undergoing major administrative and technical reform aiming at transforming and reforming the commission’s operation,” the memo says.

They stated that they are doing this in order to increase effective and efficient service delivery, promote fair competition among telecommunication operators and for revenue collection and mobilization.

“In view of the above, all employment contracts with the National Telecommunication Commission are terminated effective 18 January 209. Your termination packages will be accorded to you on or after 18 January 2019” the memo reveals.

That applications are invited from suitable qualified staff of NATCOM and the general public with relevant qualification.

“Interested staff members may reapply on or before the 11 January 2019 before close of business,” the memo adds.

Management consultants have condemned such sacking because according to them no organisation can do holistic reform and that reforms must be gradual.


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