Global Tracking and Maritime Solutions (GTMS) , an expert in Cargo Tracking Notes (CTN) founded by Sierra Leonean, Sahr Ngegba has been making impact in Africa as they have secured some major contracts with some African countries.

Just as the French are exporting Bolloree, the English are exporting NECTAR, Sierra Leone has become a gem in terms of cargo tracking note through GTMS as they are now going global.

The GTMS philosophy has attracted Africa and at the same time going global- just in June this year, a team from the Liberian Ports Authority led by the Managing Director, Madam Cuffie and Counsellor George came to Sierra Leone to see what GTMS is doing in Sierra Leone.

Speaking to NEW AGE, the team said that they are in Sierra Leone to learn from the activities of GTMS and how they are doing in Sierra Leone for a possible contract in Liberia.

“In Africa we have smart people who have lots of initiatives,” the MD of Liberian Ports Authority describing the CEO of GTMS.

She continued that she is impressed with the work of GTMS in Sierra Leone as they are helping Sierra Leone in generating revenue and at the same time provide  employment for some Sierra Leoneans.

She maintained that Liberia does not want to take people and institutions on face value and that is the reason they are in Sierra Leone to ensure that they get to know GTMS and their activities better.

Senior NRA officials have also lauded the effort of GTMS in revenue generation drive in Sierra Leone through their tracking of cargo at the port.

GTMS is also having a major cargo tracking note contract in Namibia Southern Africa as they are also into negotiation with other African States.


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