Francis Ben Keifala, newly appointed Commissioner of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has disclosed to members of the media and civil society that he will open up investigation into the alleged Ebola Theft.

This has sent shock waves down the spines of those involved in chopping what the then President, Ernest Bai Koroma described as ‘Blood Money.’

One such company that was named in the Audit Report into the management of the Ebola Fund is Ramessco.

“Ramessco was awarded the contract for the supply of medical supplies, to the sum of US$3,964,143.97.””

According to that report, the Ministry required bidders to submit among other documents, Pharmacy Board License/Registration but that it was however observed that the contract was awarded to Ramessco even when the requisite license was not submitted as required by the ‟Invitation for Bids.”

“In the same vein, a market survey was not carried out to ensure that value for money was obtained.”

That in addition, procurement documents such as technical evaluation committee reports, procurement committee minutes, bidders documents, etc. for a second contract awarded to Ramesco General Supplies for PPE kits, infrared thermometers and chlorine for Ebola Emergency Response which amounted to US$2,501,280 were not provided for audit inspection.

That it was also observed that the performance bond as per clause 7.1 of the contract was not available for audit inspection.

According to the report, the absence of a vital record that gives reasonable assurance of the capability of the supplier may give the leeway for substandard medical supplies and equipment to be supplied, noting that in that the event, the contractor fails to adequately perform the contract, the government would incur huge losses and this could lead to possible deaths.

The Audit report ended that the relevant documents were not submitted for verification and that the issue remained unresolved.

It is believed that RAMESCO is owned by one Ramatu who has close relationship with the former President, Ernest Bai Koroma and as such was awarded almost any contract she wanted in the last administration.



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