Seawright Mining Company has re-introduced Aeromagnetic survey in Sierra Leone after decades the country last did such, costing the company over $400,000 (Four Hundred Thousand Dollars).

Seawright is the first private sector company that has taken such giant move in the country. An Aeromagnetic survey is a kind of geophysical prospecting, which makes use of airborne geophysical surveying gauges installed in an aircraft at a certain flight height range to acquire magnetic field strength from the subsurface.

The aeromagnetic survey-one of the classical methods in airborne geophysical prospecting, has been extensively applied to geotectonic study, geologic mapping, and solid minerals, as well as oil and natural gas prospecting, city stability evaluation, geologic hazard prediction, and other geo-science studies.

The move taken by Seawright Mining was disclosed to the Press this past Monday 12 November at the airfield where the Helicopter landed.

Seawright Mining Company Human Resource Manager, Sia Josephine Aruna explained that Seawright Mining thought it fit to have an Aeromagnetic survey for them to have a specification on where minerals are as they want to engage in Kimberlite, Gold and Aloe-Vera mining.

She went on to say that instead of them continuing to mine randomly without positive result; they decided to do such research.

“This came as a suggestion by our Geologist and our Professor; today we are here fulfilling that. With the Aeromagnetic survey, we will know where and how to mine because it will locate the minerals directly.”

According to Ms. Aruna, Seawright Mining Venture is the second in the history of Sierra Leone as the first one was done sometimes in 1930.

She emphasized that if they succeeded in having the minerals they are looking for, the community and the country as a whole will benefit a lot.

She added that, the community where Seawright Mining is located is benefiting a lot from them as they have constructed schools, roads, water wells and warehouses among others.

Seawright Mining Acting C.O.O. Loveless Rupere, said the research Seawright is doing is an important one as all parties are involved including the American representative.

He stated that the research operation is also important because the company has faith in the country it is investing and the country also has faith in the good work the company is doing.

Loveless Rupere expressed how excited they are about the research operation as they have been planning this operation since last year.

Seawright Mining Compnay Geology Manager, Ernest B.S. Gbapp, said that they are doing the research operation to know what they can find and based on what the community people are telling them.

He stated that the research will benefit the communities and the country as a whole because they will be doing air borne survey which will pave the way for them to get important information about the communities and provide those information to the National Mineral Agency.

A demonstration was done on how the helicopter will conduct the survey in the presence of the Counselor for Commercial and Economic Affairs and Acting Deputy Head of Mission US Embassy, Dr. Derrin R. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Rapaport and the Owner of Seawright Mining Company, Dr. Alfred Seawright respectively.

The team also visited the newly constructed bridge; a modern cold room and Chief George Bockerie Tortor were several statements were made.

In his statement Mr. Rapaport explained the type of market they want to create for diamond sales in Sierra Leone.

He said lots of companies are mining diamonds in the country but the community people are not benefiting enough.

“I want to thank Dr SeaWright for doing what is right. We believe the people are the diamonds. We want to make sure everything we do is correct.’’

He added that they are trying to convince the Ministry of Mines and President Bio with their idea to create an auction event every Thursday in Kono and people will come with their diamonds and sell it to the highest bidder.

He stated the purpose of the auction is to educate the people to know the price of their diamonds and for the people to control their future through the transparent auction event.

He added that through the event, diamonds will be sold to the right people and it would benefit the community people and the government because it will prevent people from selling diamonds to smugglers who in turn stop the government from benefiting from the diamonds found.

He continued to say that they have happily provided solar energy to the people of Koidu village and they are working with an Israeli company to boost Agri-business to open the interior of Sierra Leone.

U.S. Embassy Acting Deputy Chief of Mission, Counselor for Commercial and Economic Affairs / Commercial and Economic Section, Dr. Derrin R. Smith, said American Embassy worked with direct foreign investment to create sustainable development and that the mining sector is an important interest to them.

He said they are happy about the work of Seawright Mining and what they are doing for the people of Kono and Kenema despite they are on an exploration stage.

He also praised the warm reception they received from the Paramount Chief and his people.

Paramount Chief of Nemeyama Chiefdom, Kono District George Bockerie Tortor, said they are impressed by Seawright Mining survey as they are using the highest stage of survey.

“There is so much to talk about Seawright Mining. They are doing so much in the chiefdom, although they have not yet started mining proper, look at what they are doing. They have constructed State of the art cold room and bridges.”

He said the US embassy has been supportive of Seawright Mining, as Dr. Seawright talks about the embassy all the time.

“There is so much to talk about the company. The relationship between us and the company is fantastic. We spoke about agriculture. We have special places for mining and rubber plantation. Please continue to help Seawright to develop our chiefdom, we need it. Seawright is a household name. If our youth and women have jobs, it will go a long way for us.”

For the cold room, Chief Tortor said they will start with 500 employees and over 50 thousand people will be beneficiaries of that project.

He disclosed that they will engage in fishing, egg and meats processing.

“It is going to be big business and ours is going to be very much hygienic.”

At the newly constructed bridge, Engineer Ibrahim Suma explained about the bridge and how it was when they started the construction.

Dr. Alfred Seawright was also accompanied by his Deputy Financial Manager, Andrew and a host of Seawright Mining Staff.


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