When the Chief Minister, David Francis was publishing the Government Transitional Team Report, he indicated that the government of President Bio will not have members of the government behave unethical.

That is yet to be seen as over three minsters of this government have been named or seen in what many people have described as unethical behaviour.

As such, the former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Charles Francis Margai has reported what he described as an act of corruption in the Ministry of Lands to the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC).

In a letter dated 7 November, Charles Margai explained that he and his wife, Mrs Vivat E.H Margai inherited a plot of land situated at Off Cape Road, Aberdeen in Freetown.

That they received part payment of the said land and as such, engaged the services of a surveyor in the person of Mr. Yayah Kamarakeh to resurvey the land and prepare a plan in the name of the purchaser.

“Our title deed calls for 0.5920 acre while the resurvey produced an acreage of 0.6542 acre,” Margai stated.

He explained that his curiosity was aroused by the increase in acreage and that when he took up the matter with the surveyor, he (the surveyor) responded that the former survey was carried out with compass while the new one was done with the aid of GPS which was however confirmed by one Mr. Forster, one of the respected surveyors in the country.

“Kamarakeh concluded his explanation by requesting to me to prevail upon the purchaser to negotiate buying the difference in acreage from them at the Ministry of Lands,” Margai explained.

That although Minister Sandy paid a visit to him in his resident on another issue, he (Dr. Sandy) who was accompanied by a lean gentleman whom Margai didn’t know but was seeing him for the first time, proceeded to address him in the same vein as Mr. Kamarakeh namely to convince the buyer to negotiate purchase by him from the Ministry of Lands of what he (the lean gentleman) described as float land.

Adding that: “to be honest I considered this move by Dr. Sandy as foolish…”

Margai continued that to his consternation, their foolish act confirms his story and strengthen any action ACC may wish to take.

Many people have complained Minister Sandy that he is in fact turning private lands into public lands and forcefully removing people from places they occupy without any court order.


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