Minister of Youth Affairs, Hon. Mohamed Orman Bangura is excelling amongst young people both in Sierra Leone and in Africa as he has become a champion of youth issues.

It is believed that President Bio’s made no mistake in the appointment of Mohamed Orman Bangura who is an inspiration to many young people in Sierra Leone.

At the Annual Youth Education and Empowerment Summit in the capital of Liberia, Monrovia, Minister Orman Bangura served as the keynote speaker of the summit.

The summit brings together young people from over 30 African countries and around the world to discuss and develop an action plan to address the issues of young people in Africa.

In his keynote speech, Minister Orman Bangura reminded the youth that they already have enormous power because they are the youngest generation in history and that they are already in the forefront of positively influencing their communities.

Explaining the inspiring story of President Bio, Bangura said that as one of Africa’s youngest leaders, President Bio chose to answer the call of service as a young man when he forfeited his entrance into the university to be enlisted into the army.

That President Bio eluded a trend when he handed over power to a democratically elected government and set Sierra Leone on the path to development.

That having come full circle, President Bio now leads a democratically elected government dominated by young dynamic individuals.

Bangura also spoke of his own inspiring story and how he struggled in life to make it where he is today.

“ By sheer determination, I made it to where I am today as the youngest cabinet minister in the government. I paid my way though primary and secondary schools, I pushed myself and achieved my dreams. I’m now committed to giving every young person in Sierra Leone the chance to make their dreams come true. If I can do it, you all can do it as well,” Minister Orman Bangura revealed.

Prior to the opening ceremony, the Minister was invited  by President George Weah of Liberia in which he (Minister Bangura) joined his colleague Youth Minister in Liberia for a special  working lunch with the Liberian leader.

President Weah and the Charismatic young Minister discussed the need for a Manor River Youth Empowerment Initiative and they promised to work together to making their collective dream a reality.


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