It’s often said that success has so many parents so it is with the recent performance of Sierra Leone at Millennium Challenge Corporations Scorecard in which Sierra Leone has an impressive grade in the fight against corruption.

Recently, when Sierra Leone has a dismal record in the United Nation Human Development Index, officials of President Bio dissociated themselves from such and claimed that it is something they inherited.

That they will improve on the records the coming years. Even when Sierra Leone National Team, performed very badly, the government of President Bio put the blame on the former administration-which indeed was the truth.

Many people expect the present administration to accept the failures of the last administration and improve on them as well as their successes as government is continuity.

But that is not the case with Bio’s administration as they are always giving excuses to legitimize the mistakes of the former regime.

Supporters of the present regime are jumping that  President Bio is beginning to get successes in his fight against corruption, using the MCC performance on corruption as yardstick even though President Bio is yet to come up with any meaningful policies on the fight against corruption other than rhetoric.

The MCC scorecard graded Sierra Leone at 71% in the fight against corruption and it is believed efforts of the unprocedurally sacked Anti-Corruption Commissioner, Ady Macaulay gave Sierra Leone that impressive record.

According to the Press Release for the MCC Unit in the office of the Vice President, implementation of the pay no bribe campaign, recovery of stolen funds, increase number of prosecution and improve collaboration with other state apparatus and civil society in the fight were the robust strategy employed for improved performance of Sierra Leone on corruption in the MCC Scorecards.

The above statement from MCC Office in Sierra Leone means that the impressive record of Sierra Leone in the fight against corruption scorecard of MCC is as result of the efforts of the former ACC Boss Ady Macauley who was unlawfully sacked in June this year.

Therefore, the credit should be given to Ady Macauley whose genuine efforts in the fight against corruption have yielded good fruits and his introduction of ‘’Pay No Bribe” is making gains.

Sierra Leoneans will support the present commissioner, Francis Ben Kaifala in his fight against corruption and his own effort will be rated in 2019- until then, Ady Macauley deserves all the praises for the MCC success.


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