For the very first time in the history of Sierra Leone’s entertainment, ten of  their local artists will be competing against ten of Africa’s finest talents in the music industry in a music festival, ECOFEST!

The festival which is scheduled to take place on Friday 16th November 2018 at the National Stadium is proudly sponsored by Kabaka Multimedia Entertainment (KME).

KME is well-recognized for waving the entertainment banner high, and it has made great effort, over the years, to re-brand Sierra Leone’s Entertainment both locally and internationally.

Earlier this year, artists from KME performed at the Ghana meets Naija Show in Acrra, and the organizers of the event wanted to host a similar event in Freetown but hosting such a show in town would not portray a real Sierra Leonean event that people will embrace as their own.

“I wanted our people to own the program, I wanted Sierra Leone to feel a part of it if you say Ghana meets Naija in Sierra Leone it means we are only creating a venue and that is something I didn’t want,” says Lawyer Abubakar Turay, CEO of Kabaka Multimedia Entertainment.

As a way of designing something that will suit the Sierra Leonean audience, the organizers of ECOFEST crafted an idea which was to work with countries that form the Mano River Basin—Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia—as population of these three countries put together is huge for the music industry to thrive.

This large market blend provided by these three countries will help the musicians to grow.

Be that as it may, the pioneers of the show thought it fit to include artists of the Ghana meets Naija Show to make a perfect blend.

This inclusion brings it to a total of five ECOWAS countries that will be competing against one another in a festival, and in that vein, they were able to coin the word, ECOFEST.

The massive adverts campaigns that have been launched for the show have attracted more countries with two more joining the ECOFEST- Gambia and Senegal.

Sierra Leonean songs are still struggling to have a breakthrough in the international scene whereas Nigerian and Ghanaian songs are making significant impact in Sierra Leone as compared to how Sierra Leonean songs are fairing in their (Ghana and Nigeria) various markets.

Even when Sierra Leone artists go to America and Europe to perform, they only perform to Sierra Leonean audience.

This has not pleased Kabaka who said, “we bring people like Wizkid, Tekno, they sing in Yoruba that we don’t understand but their songs are pleasing to our ears. Even when we strive to appreciate their efforts, they don’t reciprocate.”

Organizing festivals like ECOFEST will first establish that Sierra Leone can host events of such magnitude and it will as well serve as a conduit through which Sierra Leonean songs can be exported to other parts of the continent.

Local artists for the night include: Nasser Ayoub, Drizlik, Kao Denero, LAJ, Empress P, Young Sall, Innocent, Arkman, LXG, and Dallas B.

The foreign team comprises names like Kwame Eugene and Patapa of One Corner fame from Ghana, Pato Ranking and Mayokun Nigeria, Tekana Zion from Guinea; Stunner and CIC from Liberia, J. Kelly and Double T from Gambia and Fafadie from Senegal.

Kabaka Multimedia Entertainment is a locally based entertainment company that is owned by a Sierra Leonean who is also a lawyer on one hand and at the same time has passion for entertainment.

KME Company has resuscitated the career of many artists who have had their hopes adrift.


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