It is often said that in Sierra Leone governments fail because most times the president surrounds himself with people who are afraid of telling him the truth and realities about situations on the ground.

Sometimes, people in Government become more powerful than they think just because they believe they can control the president to their advantage.

Recently, two decisions from State House have been subjects of discussion on the lips of Sierra Leoneans- the decision of the President to ask non-executive board members to stop receiving salaries and other amenities in a letter written by the Secretary to the President,  Julius Fofana Sandi and the decision of Chief Minister to allow Isha Johansen who has been set aside by the Anti Corruption Commission to sign a document to FIFA as President.

Although, the decision of the President to suspend the salaries of non executive-board members has received the support of the greater majority of well-meaning Sierra Leoneans, some members of Bio’s SLPP became very angry and agitated by such decision.

Going by the earlier dictates of the directives of the Secretary to President on September 15, the Le 30, million (Thirty Million Leones) paid to the Chairperson of NRA Board, TumaJabbie has been stopped with immediate effect and her official vehicle returned.

Also affected among others, is the Chairman of National Telecommunication Commission (NATCOM) Board, who is also the Leader and Chairman of the SLPP, Prince Harding, whose $USD 5,000 salary was initially stopped and ordered to vacate his office and return his official vehicle.

As a result of pressure from his party, President Bio has bowed to the dictates of some members of his party amidst his promise of prudent financial spending.

Rescinding the previous decision of the President, Secretary to the President Julius Fofana-Sandy who is the Principal Adviser to the President on public service matters wrote another letter on the 5 October, claiming that the Chairman of their party who is the Chairman of NATCOM Board, Prince Harding is an exception as he is an executive chairman.

The action of State House to reinstate the salaries and other amenities of the Chairman of the SLPP and Chair of NATCOM Board is deemed to be in contravention of National Telecommunication Act of 2009 as amended which brings in the position of Director General in place of executive secretary and therefore makes the NATCOM Board Non-Executive.

Another blunder of State House is the one that was done by the Chief Minister in the elongated football saga.

The decision of the Chief Minister, David Francis to order the suspended President of Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) to  write a letter to FIFA as FA President is being seen by many as completely uncalled for.

Some say that the decision of the Chief Minister has the potential of undermining the independence and integrity of Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission.


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