Workers of one of the road contractors in Sierra Leone, Gento Group of Companies owned by a Sierra Leonean, Ahmed Gento Kamara decided to stage a strike action last Saturday 15 September.

According to the angry workers who were protesting in the compound of the company, they have not been paid for about three months.

That, as such they have not been able to take care of their families as some of them are parents.

“Even to provide for our children as school resumed is a problem for us,” the workers maintained.

They continued that this is the first time; they are going without salary as a company for three months.

Speaking to the striking workers, Ahmed Gento Kamara, Chief Executive Officer of the company appealed to them to see reasons to stop the strike actions.

“The government is a new one and they have decided to review all contracts for which we have complied because we have nothing to worry about,” Gento explained.

On the issue of politics, Gento said that people have been politicizing the project as some were accusing him of being SLPP when APC was in power and now others are now accusing him of being APC when SLPP is in power.

“In fact the reason the last government failed to pay me the 10 Million Dollars since November last year was because they accused me of financing the SLPP,” Gento stated.

He assured his workers that the Financial Secretary, Sahr Jusu has said that government is waiting on a document from Roads Authority and very shortly they will pay them.

Minister of Finance, Jacob Jusu Saffa explained at a special press conference last Tuesday 11 September on the President visit to China that they inherited up 1.5 Billion United States Dollars debts on roads.

He furthered that very shortly all of them will be paid, which he said will also have an impact on the economy of the country.


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