It is normally said that government is continuity, meaning that successive government will continue with the developmental strides of the nation regardless of who is in power.

It seems as if that is not the case as those whom the out gone government had contract with are suffering because this government has seeming decided not to pay them.

As such, workers of Gento Group have decided to down tools because they have not been paid because government in turn has refused to pay the company moneys owed to them.

The workers stated that the government owed Gento Group over 50 Billion Leones which has hampered the completion of the road which is near completion.

Engineering experts have applauded the company for the amount of work they have put into theroads particularly the Hill Cut Road which has rocky and hilly topography.

Investigation carried out by New Age revealed that Government is yet to make full advance payment for the construction of the waterloo roads but that the company was able to start the construction of the drainage systems.

This has hampered the construction of the feeder roads in Waterloo in the Western Area Rural District Council.

Minister of Finance JJ Saffa has said that the government will review all the contracts the former government entered into with private individual before they will pay them.

He went further to say that part of the reason for inflation in the country is because government is yet to pay contractors, which he said when they do will have positive effect of the economy.

Efforts to get on to the owner of Gento Group for his comment proved futile but the workers vowed that they will not work until they are paid.



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