Controversies over the home coming of former President Ernest Bai Koroma are all over the place including the APC party offices across the country.

Cornelius Deveaux, publicity secretary of the main opposition APC in public radio on Wednesday 1 of August stated that the former President is expected to come back to Sierra Leone today Thursday 2 August.

He went on that the former president will be using the Kambia route and that he is expected to be welcome by the leadership of the APC party.

That he will then move to the party head office in Makeni where he will be talking supporters of the party in that district before retiring in his sophisticated house in the district.

That the president was in vacation and had spent time in several countries across the world before returning home.

This has been contradicted by spokespeople of the former president that Koroma will not return to Sierra Leone as was said by his party’s publicity secretary, Cornelius Deveaux.

They accused the party’s publicity secretary of flippancy as no one asks him to talk about the home coming of the president.

They maintained that the President is still in vacation and that he will surely come back to the country as he is someone who has served the country diligently.

Ordinary supporters of the party have accused the former president of being jittery and panicky because of the way and manner he ran the country.

The era of former President Koroma has been described as ‘’ a joint criminal enterprise.’’

Others said that Koroma has abandoned the party now that they are going through wilderness as he was master mind of the demise of the party.



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