As Sierra Leoneans continue to ask for the heavy hand of the President in the economy sector of the country, public relations antics have sprout up in defense of the Minister of Finance, JJ Saffa, Financial Secretary Sahr Jusu and the Bank Governor Professor Kallon.

The reason for the spinning is for President Bio to continue with his economic team which many people considered as fiasco.

The ordinary Sierra Leoneans who are feeling the pinch of the economic comatose are calling on the President to relieve JJ Saffa, Sahr Jusu and Prof Kallon  off their positions as Finance Minister, Financial Secretary and Bank Governor respectively.

That the inflation rate is soaring every day despite the government pumped over  80 Million Dollars  into the economy to keep the Leones from free fall.

That shortly holding 100 dollars in Sierra Leone will automatically make one a millionaire which will subsequently have a devastating impact on goods and services.

That The same situation that occurred in Zimbabwe in the latter days of former dictator President Mugabe which affected their currency is the one  that is slowly affecting the economy of Sierra Leone..

The recent IMF report on Sierra Leone however praised the government for its robust revenue generation but at the same time stated that the overall economic situation in Sierra Leone remains challenging.

JJ Saffa in the 100 Days of President Bio in Office expressed hope that by September 2018 the economy would have been okay but according to Sierra Leoneans, the economy has become very worse since then.


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