First Lady of Sierra Leone, Fatima Jabbie Bio

SALONE TIMES’ list of 10 most influential Sierra Leoneans is a constellation of celebrated, barrier-busting business folks and power players in the country. Below is a list of the ten most influential Sierra Leoneans in the year under review:

FATIMA JABBIE BIO: She is the first lady of Sierra Leone who was very fundamental in getting her husband elected as President of Sierra Leone. Despite her usual outbursts, Fatima Jabbie Bio’s Hands Off Our Girls Campaign has been a laudable initiative. The initiative tries to ensure that young girls are protected from early marriage and abuse in the country. The initiative has resonated in almost every corner of Sierra Leone.

BASITA MICHAEL:  Outstanding Lawyer and founder of SierraEye Magazine captured the minds of Sierra Leone when she spoke truth to power in the Bintumani 3 Conference. She was the former President of the Sierra Leone Bar Association whose reign will go down in history as the President who brought respect and integrity to the association by speaking against the illegalities of the government in power. “We cannot continue to repeat the mistakes of the past,” is her famous quotation.

ASMAA JAMES: Leading Female Broadcaster and Media Manager in Sierra Leone. Her transformation of Radio Democracy is amazing because over the years the radio has created the platform for discussion on issues of national interest.

Asmaa James was recently named as the BBC 100 Influential women in Africa because of her black Monday campaign against rape and sexual and gender based violence through her Asma James Foundation.

ISHMAEL ALFRED CHARLES:  He is a campaigner for sick children who are unable to get medication in Sierra Leone and who are unable to get money to do such treatment abroad. As a result of his campaign, he is the co-founder and lead campaigner of Sick Pekin Project in Sierra Leone.

EMMANUEL SAFFA ABUDULAI:  A lawyer, football administrator and civil society activist. Saffa was given the onus of organizing the Sierra Leone Premier League in the 2018-2019 Season. His organizational ability ignited the love for football in the minds of Sierra Leoneans at the time when the world governing body FIFA banned Sierra Leone from all football activities.  He asked teams to set up proper structures in which local footballers now receive monthly salaries and some form of administration is now in the clubs. He was also able to give account on the amount of moneys he expended during the league.

DR. WALTON EKUNDAYO GLIPIN: A seasoned banker and financial expert. His banking skills have actually transformed the Rokel Commercial Bank in the country. His management ability has made Rokel Commercial Bank one of the best in the country. He came with radical solutions which have served as a panacea to the problems of the Bank.

ABUBAKARR TURAY (KABAKA) A lawyer cum entertainment promoter and Chief Executive Officer of Kabaka Multi Media (KME) has transformed entertainment in Sierra Leone. He has helped young Sierra Leoneans to become meaningful people in society. He has also changed the mindsets of Sierra Leoneans that music is not for dropout. His ECOFEST is one of the best entertainment shows of the year as he has been exposing Sierra Leone’s music to top musicians in Africa.

MOHAMED ORMAN BANGURA: He is Sierra Leone’s current Minister of Youth Affairs who has transformed the youth sector in the country. He met a battered youth ministry which he has transformed by ushering better process in the ministry. He has signed for the framing of a National Youth Policies that will capture emerging issues in the country. His ministry has recently commissioned the car wash projects in the country.

BABADI KAMARA:  A businessman turned football administrator has transformed one of the provincial football teams in the country by making it one of the enviable clubs in the country. He is the first to be considering constructing a club house for the team as he recently turned the sod for such wonderful project.

AUGUSTINE SORIE-SENGBE MARRAH: A lawyer and a civil society activist. He is currently the head of Renaissance Movement Sierra Leone.  He has been very vocal in advocating for justice for the poor Sierra Leone as well as exposing the abnormality in the government. His fearless and independent stance on national issues, many people believed has seen him losing a prestigious job as a Board Member at Sierra Leone Cable Network (SALCAB). His articles on legal reforms have seen many Sierra Leoneans praising him. He has also been an inspiration to many young people as he always talked about his humble beginning to where he is now which has resonated in the minds of many young Sierra Leoneans.


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